Emilio Schepis

Hello, World!


Hi, my name is Emilio.

Welcome to the first ever post on this blog.

Over time I hope to write posts about my journey as a software developer and all the things that I'll end up learning.

About me

I started my development journey by developing a QR code scanner app for Android devices. Incremental improvings to the code allowed me to experiment with Kotlin, libraries like LiveData (now part of Jetpack) and different architectures like MVVM.

In early 2018 I purchased my first MacBook and started developing iOS apps using Swift. To this day, Apple remains my favorite platform to develop on.

In my day job I mostly code in JavaScript and TypeScript creating websites and mobile apps with frameworks like React and React native.

Over the years I have worked on numerous side projects like Telegram bots, Alexa skills, Serverless backends and Flutter mobile applications.

About this blog

This blog is built using the NextJS React framework and its Static Site Generation (SSG) capabilities. All the pages are created at build-time and distribuited as plain HTML and CSS.

The blog is written in TypeScript and SASS, and it is hosted on Vercel's platform, which is the company that created NextJS.

The whole source code is available on this GitHub repo.

About the content

Over the years I have had the opportunity to learn and be inspired by many great developers and the communities that they created.

I've been able to solve many problems through online tutorials, articles and blog posts.

With this blog I hope I'll be able to help people that are on the same journey as me by sharing articles on what I learn and concepts that I find interesting.

In the meantime you can find me on GitHub and Twitter.

Until next time! 👋🏻