Emilio Schepis

Hi, I'm Emilio 👋🏻

I am a Software Engineer working in Monza, Italy. I am currently studying Systems and Networks Security at Università degli Studi di Milano.

In late 2016 I published my first open source Android application, and since then I've developed Android and iOS apps, cross-platform apps with React Native and Flutter, websites, Telegram bots, Alexa skills and serverless backends on Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services.

I think that learning is a never ending process, and I'd like to share interesting bits and helpful tutorials through this platform.

If you'd like to keep in touch you can find me on Twitter and on GitHub.

My Open Source Projects


The repository to keep all of Paul Hudson (@twostraws)'s projects for 100 Days of SwiftUI.

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Fable-reading Alexa skill built with AWS Lambda, Python web scraping and SSML.

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A Telegram Bot written in Go that transcribes users' voice messages through Google's Speech-to-Text API.

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Companion app and statistics viewer for DEV authors built with SwiftUI and Combine.

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Implementation of the Godot docs' "Your first game" tutorial.

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A series of exercises solved with the Go programming language.

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A Telegram Bot that decodes QR codes.

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Cloud synchronized QR code scanner built with Firebase and Android Architecture Components.

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Web companion for the QR code scanner built with Firebase and Angular.

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Photo-scanning Telegram bot to extract URLs and social handles built on AWS Rekognize.

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Implementation of the Geohash algorithm in Swift.

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Simple RSS reader for Apple news and releases made with SwiftUI.

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Personal website and blog built with NextJS, TypeScript and SASS, hosted on Vercel.

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